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Notice - As of Jan. 1, 2015 UPS and Fedex have changed the way they charge for shipping. Instead of the actual weight of the box they now charge by Dim weight, which is by the size of the box relative to how much it weighs. This applies to most of our welcome gifts, which are lightweight, but must be shipped in a large box. This has caused increased rates - in some instances resulting in a 40% - 90% rate increase over previous shipping charges. We are definitely aware of your budget restraints and strive to offer low costs without minimums. We are exploring other packaging solutions to minimize the impact while continuing to offer our products to you at competitive prices.

Since 1991, we have been providing unique gifts to the apartment industry with all budgets in mind. We do the work and free up your time to better serve your residents. We send gifts from the smallest to largest communities all over the country. It is the apartment professionals goal to maintain the highest standards of resident satisfaction. We help in attaining that goal in unique ways to welcome your new resident on the first day, to resident appreciation throughout the year with small tokens, to seasonal gifts and for the maintenance team to leave a small gift when they do service requests. We have a wide range of slogans and can always customize our gifts to accomodate your special themes or needs. Items can be added or subtracted, just contact us for a quote. We always include a personalized greeting from your staff.

  • Prospective Residents - send a small token to stand out from the rest and they will return to sign a lease!
  • Welcoming New Move-ins - show new residents that you appreciate them with essential move-in day needs.
  • Encouraging / Rewarding Lease Renewals - choose a gift for your most valuable resident - a renewal!
  • Resident Appreciation - gifts to help retain your residents, show them you care.
  • Special Promotions - tie-in your themes with a gift from us.
  • Gifts for Locators/Business contacts - keep your property foremost in their minds with a thoughtful gift.
  • Maintenance Team - increase your statement that service is your speciality.
  • Employees - reward your hard working staff with a gift.

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    Updated 3/1/2015